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Portale Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706
  • Portale Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706
Portale Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706

Ionkini Portale Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706

• 3,800,000 pcs/cm3 negative ion concentration

• 10mg/h ozone output

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SeriesPortable & Wearable Series
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Innovative Home Appliance

Ozone Air Purifier Sterilizer Deodorizer JO-6706


Functions & Features

Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706 is an innovative product of Jingcheng Technology. It employs ozone and negative ions to achieve sterilization, deodorization and air purification.


Multiple Functions

JO-6706 can


Kill harmful
bacteria & germs

6706 product functions 1.jpg Extend storage
life of food

bad odors


3.8 million pcs/cm3 negative ions


& formaldehyde
Dispel dust,
smoke and PM2.5




Various Applicable Occasions 

JO-6706 can be used in refrigerator, car, washroom, shoe cabinet...


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6706 use in car and refrigerator fridge.jpg



If you are looking for ozone air purifier, JO-6706 would be your best choice.



Technical Data


Portable Ozone Air Purifier Sterilizer Deodorizer JO-6706

Power supply 6 V/DC (4pcs AA.batteries)
Power 0.6 w
Product Dimension 70  70  130 (mm)
Net Weight 180 g
Negative Ion Output 3,800,000 pcs/cm3
Ozone Output 10 mg/h
Working temperature -10C~40C(14F~104F)
Storage Temperature -20C~60C(-4F~140F)
Applicable Places Refrigerator, Car, Shoe cabinet, Washroom
Certificates  CE, FCC, RoHS





Product Pictures

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How To Use


Easy Operation

One-button Setting

 6706 Power button.jpg

First Press
Turn on JO-6706. It starts working under Normal Mode.

Second Press
Switch to Enhanced Mode.

Third Press
Turn off JO-6706.



2 Working Modes

Normal / Enhanced

Normal Mode

  1. Start with a 2-minutes sterilization (indication light flashing ONCE every 3 seconds)
  2. Then go into a 8-second sterilization after every 3-minute pause

Enhanced Mode

  1. Start with a 2-minutes sterilization (indication light flashing TWICE every 3 seconds)
  2. Then go into a 16-second sterilization after every  3-minute pause

When JO-6706 in on the pause (standby), the indication light will blink twice every 10 seconds.



Smoke Dispelling Experiment

6706 experiments.jpg

Smoke Dispelling Experiment: 

Formaldehyde Dispelling Experiment: 





Certificates of JO-6706


6706 CE FCC RoHS certificates.jpg




  This product is packed in color box

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